I firmly believe that optimal health can't be achieved through exercise alone: good nutrition is vital too. What we feed our bodies matters. Do you struggle with healthy eating? I will be sharing lots of great recipes here and if you need further help, I can offer guidance on finding the right way to eat healthily for you. As we are all different, a 'one size fits all' diet is no good! What you need to eat depends so much on your body type, your lifestyle and your genetics. If macro balancing is your goal, I can provide specific advice. 


One universal fact, however, is that the best foods to nourish your body are whole, unprocessed and naturally colourful. The second universal fact is that you can't be good all of the time. Everybody needs a treat sometimes. So, eat healthily, eat your greens, get your five a day ...but don't beat yourself up for eating cake once in a while!

Vegan Quarantine Meal Plan

Stuck for ideas of what you can eat? The recipes in this PDF can mostly be made from store cupboard basics and the addition of fresh or frozen vegetables. Making sure you eat as healthily as possible and keep eating a much fruit and veg as you can is an important part of keeping your immune system strong.



It's hard to get food delivered by any of the bigger stores at the moment. Have you tried local suppliers? One of the fruit and vegetable wholesalers in my area normally supplies restaurants. They are now offering fresh produce delivery boxes. Ordering from someone like this may help their business stay afloat as well as meeting your needs.

If you don't have one of the ingredients, try and substitute it. Please feel free to get in touch if I can help with ideas and I'd love your feedback. What have you tried? What worked? 

Click the PDF logo below to download the 1 week meal plan and recipes for free.


Mason Jar Not Poodles

🥣 Not Poodles 🥣 Like Pot Noodles. But better. Plus, isn’t eating stuff out of massive jars ace? Makes 2 huge jars 🥦Ingredients 🥦 2...