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Fitness, Food and Fun

Hi! I'm Cat

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Exercise, the outdoors and food are three of my greatest loves. I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. I'm passionate about helping people find or develop their love of exercise, supporting them in their health and fitness journey. I take a holistic approach to health, believing that regular activity needs to be supported by eating a nutritious, balanced diet and being kind to yourself. I provide 1:1 and small group personal training; circuit training sessions; and online exercise and nutrition plans. 

Small Group Training

Exercise is more fun together

I run regular small group training sessions from a small gym in Halton. These are fun, friendly, structured and supported by the provision of a home workout plan for you to follow. Nutrition coaching is also offered as part of this programme. If you'd prefer, you can form your own gang! Pick a pal or two and get in touch and I can train you together. 




Staying healthy and mobile is such an important thing. I love helping people achieve and maintain their fitness. If I can make it fun, then that's even better. Life is to be enjoyed and there is great joy to be found in exercise and movement! The beauty of personal training is that it can be done at a time and location which is convenient for you and can be tailored specifically to your goals and needs. If you book personal training with me, I can provide nutritional guidance, 1:1 coaching and a personalized fitness plan.

The Ultimate Method

to Change Your Life


Whether you're a beginner or further along your fitness journey, circuit training will work for you! The sessions are short and fun and all the movements are fully explained, with coaching provided throughout each class. The sessions take place outdoors so you have the added benefit of getting some of our top quality Lancaster bracing fresh air! These classes run during term time.

Do you find it tricky to work out during the school holidays? Childcare can be restrictive, so Family Fitness Classes are here to provide a solution! Bring the kids along and work out together during school holidays. It is so important that we encourage our young people to be active and healthy and it's great for them to see you working hard too!

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